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Yep – we were two guys in a cramped storage-like facility with just the bare necessities – shivering in the pre-dawn hours in February and sizzling in the stifling California Augusts.  But we had a vision.  We worked 16-hour days and made sure everything we crafted was perfect.  We grew through “word-of-mouth” and reputation. We’ve never advertised our services. Eventually, we were able to hire one, then two welders to free us up for more consultation and design time.  We taught those welders everything we knew, and they became highly-skilled craftsmen.  And when we hired more people, the four of us taught them.  And that method continues today – literally, today.

Cesar and Oscar started cutting, rolling, bending and welding steel in a tiny shop in Irwindale, California in 1995. 

Going on 25 years in the game, we are now the premier metal and display facility in Southern California, and we’ll put our capabilities up against any fabricator anywhere.

We offer the same level of service that has made American products renowned throughout the globe for their superior quality.  And we have over 32,000 sq. ft. to get the job done.

Over the past several years, C&O has built an impressive catalog of display work for the Casinos and Hotels in Vegas and elsewhere – Hilton, Cosmopolitan, Renaissance, Marriot, to name just a few.  We’ve worked on projects for Disney, Tesla and other recognizable names.  And still we will be honored to run your 25 or 50 countertop cosmetic testers.

Custom is the name of the game in the fab industry, and we have created some of the most unique, awe-inspiring, winning, and yes, strange displays you can imagine.  And you can imagine.  We’re here to partner with you to achieve your display goals.  Your finished product reflects on us, and we’re not looking to diminish our stellar reputation.

Our craftsmen and technicians are among the most well-trained, skillful and yes, wise. They have seen it all and are hungry to see more.

We have intrinsic core values like Integrity, Respect, Community, Teamwork and Safety.

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