Imagine a facility where any acrylic display can be fabricated by experts with lifetimes of knowledge – whose skill levels in design, materials, cutting and shaping, joining and polishing – are as high or higher than anyone in the field.

C&O provides custom fabricated displays and components for a range of industries such as store fixturing, trade show exhibits, and of course, Point-of-Purchase retail sales.  You need specific results for your projects, so generic displays that are a dime a dozen (but boring as can be) are not the solution.

Our acrylics associates can work with you on design from a basic raw idea, or review your drawings, schematics or sketches to determine the best route to fabrication.




C&O built its reputation in the steel fab industry, but our perpetual growth and addition of new machinery brought us into the laser and industrial realm.  So we thought, “Why Stop There?”  And we took a giant leap.

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We’re a family at C&O – in many cases, literally. We have no robots at any of our 14 welding stations.  Real, highly-skilled craftsmen with real and extensive experience and wisdom forge raw steel into complex and finely detailed parts.

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Much of our laser work is for industry, so yes, our parts are always perfect.  Lasers have the ability to fabricate metal parts that might otherwise require expensive tooling.  We can also “etch” using our laser surface marking technique.

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C&O has long specialized in creating custom parts for industry.  A good metal fabricator (and our guys are good) has the skill, resources and yes, wisdom to create a part for or modify a custom machine. This can be a real lifesaver if a machine breaks down.

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We’re passionate about creating a display that effectively represents your business. After all, attractive and effective displays generate sales and turn shoppers into buyers. Countertop displays; floor displays; trade show and event componentry – we have been creating all of these for a long time.

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